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i'm grace lee. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm grace lee. he is accused of stealing half a million dollars worth of artwork including two picassos. today that suspected thief appeared in front of a judge in san francisco. anne makovec on what happened in court today. anne. >> reporter: well, his lawyer
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wanted his bail reduced to $2 million. and the judge said no way citing public safety concerns for local businesses. so mark lugo is still in jail here in san francisco this afternoon. this is footage from the courtroom this morning when mark lugo pleaded not guilty. the judge won't let us show lugo but according to police we have already seen him in this surveillance video walking out of the weinstein gallery in union square on july 5. a picasso sketch under his arm. that's the crime he is charged with today. his lawyer wanted his bail reduced from $5 million. the judge said no and his attorney admitted it was a moot point. >> we cannot post bail in california because he has a hold from back east. were he to post bail he would go into custody back east. >> reporter: once he was caught here, police searched his apartment in hoboken, new jersey. they say they found 11 stolen art works including this picasso stolen from an art
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gallery in new york last month worth $350,000. >> he had stole -- everybody in new york is fortunate that he had stolen something in san francisco and gotten caught for it because it apparently didn't seem like anything in new york was going to catch up to him. >> reporter: police also say lugo stole thousands of dollars of fine wine from a market in new jersey. charges are pending in several cases spanning at least three states. but his lawyer warns against media hype. >> no one got killed here. nobody was assaulted here. and if you look at the evidence of what was found in my client's apartment, all the things that were taken were apparently taken in the last 45 days. and that speaks more to a burst of compulsive energy than someone with the ability and sophistication to go out and fence these paintings. >> reporter: now, the judge did also order lugo to surrender
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his passport. his next court appearance isn't until august 23rd. grace? >> anne makovec, and all these court proceedings, did they say how he was doing it? did he just walk in and take it or what? >> reporter: it looks like according to police his method of operation seemed to be similar in a lot of these thefts, just walking in and taking it off the wall, which is what he is accused of doing here in san francisco. now, he is also accused of stealing artwork from several hotels in the new york area presumably using the same approach. >> wow. all right, anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. just 18 days to cut a deal on the debt limit. today president obama challenged congress to, quote, avert armageddon. he says he is ready to make some tough calls. but as danielle nottingham shows us the, he put the pressure on lawmakers. reporter: senators return to washington tomorrow to try to hammer out a deal on the deficit and some key
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republicans seem to be willing to compromise. negotiations have been deadlocked over the issue of raising taxes. the gop is opposed. but senator john mccain signalled he may be open to negotiations and senator john cornyn likes the idea of eliminating certain tax loopholes. >> this is a fruitful area for to us work on in a bipartisan area. >> reporter: both sides have agreed to about a trillion dollars in spending cuts but democrats also want something they call revenue raisers including ending tax breaks for oil companies and companies that send jobs overseas as well as elimination for subsidies for corporate jet owners. they say ending such tax breaks could save billions, money that could help bring down the deficit and raise revenue. >> it would be nice if we could keep every tax break but we can't afford them. >> reporter: with both sides struggling to reach a compromise, former president clinton jumped into the debate suggesting lawmakers could make a mini deal, one that would
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fund the government for the next six to eight months. >> the problem is we have a maxie problem. the big problems aren't going away if you cut a mini deal. >> reporter: the treasury department says if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by august 2 the federal government won't be able to pay its bills and economists believe that could have a severe effect on the already fragile economy. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. a major development in the biggest story in the uk. news corp executive rebecca brooks has resigned in the wake of a massive media scandal. she oversaw "news of the world" the london tabloid that ceased publication after it was accused of hacking into voicemails of celebrities and crime victims. now, one of those crime victims was a 13-year-old girl who was later found murdered. news corp chairman rupert murdoch plans to meet with that girl's family today. the city of oakland will lose dozens more employees. under the new budget, the
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tribune says 56 city workers are losing their jobs this month and more cuts are coming. the police department will lose 48 positions next year. two firehouses will be closed daily starting next summer and pay for elected officials is being cut by 15%. in other bay area headlines, a pedestrian is hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a bicyclist on san francisco's embarcadero. police say that the woman in her 40s was in the crosswalk at mission street and crossing legally when she was struck. she suffered a head injury. the cyclist stayed at the scene but may face charges. there are more eyes watching in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the city has installed 17 out of 30 surveillance cameras. the first went online yesterday at the restaurant where a 58- year-old owner, jesus ham coast, was murdered in april. there was a camera in the area then but it was pointed in the wrong direction in order to get images of the killer.
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the city paid $70,000 to install them. in spite of the protests, the uc regents have voted to raise tuition for the upcoming academic year. starting this fall, students will pay an additional$1,608 a 9.8% increase and undergrad tuition will jump to more than $12,000 a year. today nasa ames at moffett field holessed a news conference with astronauts on the final space shuttle mission. as anser hassan shows us, this morning's event in mountain view provided firsthand accounts directly from the shuttle atlantis. >> you think, wow, this is the last flight. so it does cross your mind once in a while. >> reporter: specialist rex walheim is describing his experience on nasa's historic shuttle flight during live news conference from space. reporters asked questions of shuttle crew from nasa ames. scientists and researchers played a big part in the shuttle program from the very start. >> the whole ride up, you're
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big wide-eyed and experiencing all the -- the -- the thrill of the gs and latest incredible sights and sounds. >> reporter: walheim is the only bay area astronaut on board the atlanti on the final mission. they are supplying parts to the international space station. many of the crew say they are proud of the program's accomplishments of the past 30 years helping to build international space station and its role inputting together the hubble telescope among the highlights. though the program is ending, they say the shuttle's legacy will continue on. >> hubble will still be taking pictures. our crewmates here will be still be doing research on the international space station. that's a legacy that will live on. >> reporter: the shuttle crew will return to earth next thursday. the program may be over, but work continues here at nasa ames. their next big project, an unmanned satellite mission to the moon. at nasa ames, anser hassan, cbs 5. it is harry's last hurrah in theaters across the country.
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the final harry potter film opened at midnight. and those die-hard fans in the bay area were camped out to be one of the first to catch the flick. for many at the mercato in santa clara it was a graduation of sorts for them. >> i started when was 11, exactly when harry potter started. i was a tv generation and ended up being the book generation by the end of it. it's just one of those worlds that you never want to leave. >> this is the 8th harry potter film in the past 10 years. warner bros. estimates that the midnight shows across the nation earned $43 million. >> nice makeshift winter costumes out there. >> i know. >> we could have been part of it. >> we could have. the road barriers are at the ready. how los angeles is preparing to have his freeway wings clipped, carmageddon has arrived. and why some bay area drivers were considering a quick detour. and after days of cool weather we're finally starting to see the clouds break up and
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some sunshine pour in. warmer temperatures next week, i'll tell you how warm coming up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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clipped the tail of a smaller plane from a regional carrier yesterday at boston's logan another runway collision being investigated this noon. a delta 767 clipped the tail of a smaller plane from a regional carrier yesterday at boston's logan international airport. both planes were preparing for take-off. one passenger had minor injuries. it begins tonight. carmageddon, a 10-mile stretch of the 40 in l.a. to be completely shut down for the weekend, the 405 one of the busiest freeways. and in the car-crazy city of
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los angeles, many are predicting hell on earth. kirk hawkin reports from l.a. >> reporter: we are on top of the sepulveda pass in los angeles on the west side. this is live look at the 405. this is what things will look like more and more through the afternoon and this is the first time this freeway has been shut down in the last 50 years. ♪ [ music ] at the height of the commute through the sepulveda pass this morning, musician kevin elkin son played his latest album, the sedating music for commuting. >> it's relaxing the whole vibe of it so it's good for massage, yoga and getting kids to sleep.
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>> reporter: he says it will be needed with the gridlock for this weekend's 53-hour closure. >> i'm going to say a lot of people will stay off the roads and it will be okay. >> reporter: construction workers made final preparations for the project this morning, scheduled to begin later today. they cut holes in the mulholland bridge and soaked dirt with water. >> the contractor will know where it is and where it needs to be to be able to conclude its operations by monday morning records here's the timeline for the 405 shutdown. tonight at 7 p.m., ramp closures begin. at 10 p.m., lane closures begin. early saturday at midnight, the full freeway closure begins. monday at 5 a.m. officials hope the freeway will re-open. at 6 a.m. monday, ramps and connectors are scheduled to re-open. transit officials say, the closure could be done earlier than anticipated. >> we want to get done as soon as we can. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: until then, ken hopes patience and optimism will play out here this weekend. >> i have a feeling they will get it done and at 5 a.m. on monday we'll be ready to roll again. >> reporter: so less than 7 hours to go now until those ramps are set to close. now, i made sure to include that musician in the piece for you because as you can imagine, a lot of people are trying to capitalize on this whole carmageddon thing. back to you. >> is ken planning on being there the whole weekend to play? >> reporter: you know, that's a good question. and, you know, he probably would want me to point out that you can download his music for free just this weekend on itunes. by the way, i'm still looking for and i survived carmageddon t-shirt for you two and i haven't found it but i'll be on the lookout. >> waiting with bated brett. thank you. l.a. may have carmageddon but san francisco has zombie
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plunderers. one of those sign said it last weekend on highway 1, zombies plunder sft caught the attentions of drivers and, of course, caltrans. now, they were not happy to see the sign had been hacked. it's been a trend across the country. zombie messages have popped up in texas and seattle. caltrans' message, knock it off, it's a crime. 71-year-old cherie williams is getting plenty of attention. she is tired of people ignoring the speed limit on mount mckinley drive in san jose where she lives. she says she understands that police are shorthanded, so she has taken matters into her own hands. >> i know they are going fast enough that if some child ran into the street, they would be dead. that's how fast they are going.
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>> some drivers are waving obscene gestures at her. she homes to get the city's attention. >> even with a little song and dance. when will july finally start feeling more like july? kristy seifkin has the pinpoint forecast coming up. >> and a pop culture icon floats back to the scene of the crime. how the balloon boy's balloon will finally do some good. ,, 10 oo 10 who 10 aoo ,,,,
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oo hundred dollars to buy it in an online auction. richard
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the famous balloon boy balloon is back in colorado. a man from aurora has paid $2,500 to buy it on an online auction. richard heene any pleaded guilty to creating the hoax which gripped the nation in 2009. told police and reporters that his 6-year-old son was inside that runaway balloon. the money from the auction will go toward earthquake and tsunami relief in japan. that's only two years ago. life is slipping away. [ laughter ] >> let's look to the future. >> that's good. yeah, look at the bright side literally speaking. the warmup is in store. elizabeth has been waiting to put away your winter coat for a couple of days as have we all are. outside we have some blue. this is a look outside in dublin. you can see a little bit of cloud cover out there still, but clouds mixed out earlier today than yesterday. inland seeing plenty of sunshine through the afternoon.
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out the door for the rest of the afternoon, we are going to see pretty nice conditions inland. still cool as we have that deep marine layer. so temperatures only making it to the mid-70s there. at the bay in the mid-60s. a little cool there and we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds at the coastline, sitting in much cooler conditions, grayer conditions, as well. those clouds hanging on to the coast all night long. going to hang around through the evening and see drizzle maybe even again clouds rolling back into the bay overnight and we'll see partly cloudy conditions in those inland spots. so right outside now, you can see some of the areas are clear in parts of the north bay, clearing out in parts of the peninsula as well and inland spots. the bay seeing some cloud cover right now but also seeing some blue so something to look forward to. so this low right now still in the picture. going to be followed by another area of low pressure. then this high that's been bringing that incredibly hot weather to the rest of the country will make its way to our neck of the woods and with that we'll see much warmer temperatures but it will be a couple of days still. heading to another location in northern california, here's what temperatures look like. 88 in redding so nice and warm.
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also warm in fresno, 87. monterey 63 with fog. 71 for lake tahoe. your highs for today look like this. mid-70s inland, 60s at the bay shores, little bit of cloud cover there, and plenty of clouds along the coastline all throughout the afternoon. so seven-day forecast showing that slight warmup for the weekend. and then we really start to warm up over the next few days. we finally hit that 90-degree mark once we hit wednesday. so how do you guys like that? we take that forecast? >> we'll take it! >> all right. thanks, kristy. first it took over our lives online. now it's taken over our minds. a new study suggests search engines like google are making people less reliant on their memory and more on the internet. the problem is they don't retain the information they find on the internet and google again. when we come back, we'll check in with the fresh grocer. ,,
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you cut up the stem. the sweet nutty flavor of the stem is incredible. when you buy them, like all artichokes, leaves up close and tight together. squeeze it. when it squeaks, that means it's fresh. one more thing about the stem, it has to be a little bit tender. if it starts to be browning here and nice and firm, that you don't want. you want it a little bit of tender so it stays tender inside. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. but i like to enjoy them within two or three days and that's it. otherwise, they will get woody and that you don't want. long stem artichokes. on the grill or boiled, you just can't beat it. but use the stem in a stir fry or to finish off a salad. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. or you can use them for -- i'm just kidding you but kind of cool. you have to make a joke out of this. bye-bye. all right. thanks, tony. coming up tonight at 5:00, packed and nowhere to go, the
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search for a travel agent accused of taking would-be travelers for a ride. plus the san francisco hotel where you can experience a unique under water situation. that and more at 5:00. a tribute to a famous film image. marilyn monroe in her post from seven year itch. she was standing on the magnificent mile in chicago. passersby have been getting a picture with her. the statue will stay up until next spring. >> have a great weekend. >> caption colorado, llc
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